Q: What does ABC log® mean?

A: ABC log® is a data analysis methodology that uses available data from the ERP system. It performs massive daily data calculations to establish tracking files for the supply chain and production workshop. ABC log® uses the concept of ABC logarithm to classify different values such as price, annual consumption quantity, annual value, and annual margin value. This classification facilitates cost analysis by activity, helping to determine the most and least profitable activities. This precise analysis assists in making strategic decisions, such as reorganization or cost reduction.

Q: How does your tool differ from other tools?

A: Our innovative logistics method stands out for its effectiveness in MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) parameter management. It provides added value by optimizing your stocks, service levels, and costs, thereby improving profitability. Our specialized tool assists in material management and warehouse management systems, enabling the collection and analysis of stock-related information for efficient planning.

Q: What are the advantages of an MRP parameter review tool?

A: There are numerous operational and financial advantages to optimizing stock management. Our clients have achieved stock reductions of around 20% to 25%, while improving their service levels by 10% to 13%. Here are the three main benefits of optimizing stock management with our software: – Achieving the target service level in a single replenishment cycle. – A higher service level means fewer stockouts and increased sales. – Reducing capital tied up in stocks and freeing up cash flow. – Saving time and money by automating procurement and replenishment processes. These advantages contribute to overall supply chain performance improvement and yield positive operational and financial outcomes.

Q: How does ABC log® optimize stocks and production in progress?

A: ABC log® employs a standardized analysis methodology to optimize MRP article file parameters. By analyzing ERP data and conducting massive data calculations, ABC log® identifies quick wins and proposes relevant adjustments to improve service levels and optimize stocks and production in progress. This approach ensures the right quantity of stock is available at the right time, thus reducing costs associated with excessive stock holding.

Q: Can ABC log® be used in all industrial companies?

A: Yes, ABC log® can be used in all industrial companies. The analysis methodology and tools provided by ABC log® are designed to be adaptable to the specificities of each company. Whether you are a small or large enterprise, ABC log® can be deployed and used to optimize your stock management and improve your industrial performance.

Q: What results can be expected by using ABC log® for stock optimization?

A: By using ABC log® for stock optimization, companies can expect several beneficial outcomes. Firstly, a reduction in stock levels while maintaining or improving customer service levels. This helps reduce costs associated with excessive stock holding and improves the company’s cash flow. Additionally, ABC log® assists in identifying quick wins, which are quick and relevant adjustments to enhance operational performance. Ultimately, the use of ABC log® enables more efficient stock management, better profitability, and increased competitiveness in the market.