How to improve
your industrial performance?

We developp a unique improvement methodology
which use your existing ERP data.

Need to optimize
your inventories and service levels!

You are a manufacturer with shopfloors
who need improvements.
Your team is overloaded with ERP data and
do not meet your performance espectations.
Daily and weekly routines can be more
efficent with an easy use of data.

Your needs

Need to improve your industrial performance?

Your production shopfloor needs more operationnal improvements. Your ERP system is already in place and you want to achieve a higher level of performance.

Too much data?

Your ERP can be improved and your team does not use all data that is already existing withing your systems.

Not enough tools for your team?

Your teams need more daily tools to optimize routines. Production and delivery flows can be improved.

Our solution

We provide daily tools that will help production and supply chain teams. We are specialized in daily and weekly routines. Our tools are packages for shopfloor teams and also technical and quality team.
We use ERP data to automate follow-up files.
First step is to establish a diagnostic on your industrial performance.
Then establish guidelines for daily and weekly routines optimization.
ERP Data is crunched to established first quick win actions.

ABClog Methology use intensive data from ERP with daily crunch, in order to establish follow-up files for supply chain and production shopfloor. Mathematic principles and tools are quiet easy but it is the overall process of managing data every day that adds complexity.

ABC Classes for Part Number segmentation is automaticaly calculated with Log mathematical function. Log A, Log B and Log C Classes are replaced by ABClog classes with Log10 function.

Key Results!

Service level improvements

  • +45% service level improvements for a 100m€ aeronautical equipement manufacturer, in 2 years. With a >98% daily operationnal availability of your tools.
  • +30% service level improvements for a 70 people manufacturer sites in 3 months