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ABC log : The unique solution for inventory and manufacturing optimization

Define your inventory classes with ABC log methodology. It is a unique improvement tool for your supply chain. Technoplane company has developped a data analysis tool that use logarithmic classes for inventory parameters calculation.

We provide daily tools that will help production and supply chain teams. We specialise in daily and weekly routines. Our tools are packages for the shop floor teams but also for the technical and quality team. We use ERP data to automate tracking files. The first step is to establish a diagnosis of your industrial performance. Then, establish guidelines for optimising daily and weekly routines. The ERP data is analysed to establish the first quick win actions.

ABC Log® Methodology

ABClog Methology uses data from the ERP system to build inventory tracking and optimisation files. The mathematical principles and tools are fairly straightforward, but it is the overall process of managing the daily data that adds complexity.

The ABC classes for item segmentation are automatically calculated with the mathematical function Log. The Log A, Log B and Log C classes are replaced by the ABClog classes with the Log10 function. This allows for a uniform approach between production and delivery sites.

Our solution utilizes the powerful ABC Log® methodology, which leverages data from your ERP system to establish comprehensive tracking files for your supply chain and production workshop. This methodology classifies different values, such as price, consumption, and margin, enabling precise cost analysis and strategic decision-making.

Inventory Optimization Solution

Our solution offers optimized inventory management, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between meeting customer demands and minimizing inventory costs. By analyzing demand patterns and using advanced algorithms, we help you determine the optimal stock levels, reducing stockouts and excess inventory.

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

With our Inventory Optimization Solution, you gain enhanced visibility into your supply chain. Real-time data and analytics enable you to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency. By having a clear view of inventory levels, you can make informed decisions to avoid stockouts and ensure smooth operations.

Cost Reduction and Improved Profitability

Our Inventory Optimization Solution integrates seamlessly with your existing planning and forecasting systems. By combining demand forecasting, production planning, and inventory optimization, you can align your supply chain activities and improve overall operational efficiency.

Don’t let inefficient inventory management hold back your business. With our Inventory Optimization Solution, you can achieve cost savings, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Contact us today to learn more about how our solution can transform your supply chain management.