How to improve your industrial performance ?

ABC Log is a unique methodology for optimization !

We use your existing ERP data for quickwins.

For lower inventory values
and better manufacturing performance

Too much inventory

You need to find quickwins on inventory and service levels.

Your team is overloaded with ERP data and do not meet your performance espectations.

Need better service level

ABC log ®

An agile method that allows inventory reduction and service level optimisation

Our tool uses your existing ERP data and allows increase of your service level through data analysis.


ABC log is a data methedology based on a massive classification process of parameter and parts. ABC log allows identificaton of quickwins action and reach a better level of performance trough a controlled parameter calculation.

Service level

Services level is a key metric of the delivery performance toward customers and also for manufacturing operations. It is the ratio between ontime deliveries and overall deiveries during a certain amont of time. Multiple methods are used for service level calculation.

Service level is one of the major metric for an industrial site. There are multiple actions that can be implemented in order to optimize inventory values and manufacturing work in process. Those actions have to be decided according to management reviews and inventory policy.

It is where ABC log methodology is a key tool for performance improvements.


Inventory performance

Manufacturing workshop

ABC log can be used for process monitoring and performance improvements. Operationnal parameters are reviewed regularly according to a clear methodology and strategy.

Distribution center

As soon as bill of materibecome complex and large, there is a clear need of ERP parameters optimization tools. Data scientists and flow manager and technician are missing time to review all ERP parameters. Variation in deliveries and process volums make dedicated tools for parameters review mandatory. A regular methodology provide a better overall performance and allow clear quickwins on deliveries performances.

ERP Data performance for manufacturing optimization

Manufacturing optimization


Manufacturing performance

Shorter manufacturing delays and steps. Find performance imporvements with data analysis. Decrease time spend by your team to establish manufacturing files and flow reviews.

Work in process

a better WIP monitoring and control. Values of wip need segmented actions, methodologies and actions.

Manufacturing optimization

ERP parameters are a key element of manufacturing performance.

Industry 4.0

implement up to date data methodology

Your needs

Improve your industrial performance !

Your production shopfloor needs more operationnal improvements. Your ERP system is already in place and you want to achieve a higher level of performance.

Use your data

You have too much data. Inventory Manager needs more regular automatic routines to review inventory parameters. Your ERP can be improved and your team does not use all data that is already existing withing your systems.

Implement tools for daily manufacturing optimisation

Your teams need more daily optimization. Manufacturing and delivery flows can be improved.

Your goals


Improve your inventory performance through data analysis. Define an optimal strategy for inventory parameters. Reduce the complexity of your supply chain.


Your data is managed in security and confidentiality. You can have your data available in a private and secure cloud, or directly on your local network.

Process monitoring

Gives you a clear and factual view of quick wins and list of part numbers that have to be modified.


An innovative tool to visualise, identify and highlight your daily actions.

Action follow-up

Automate the review of your item master settings for optimal tracking.

Quick wins

Improve service levels by reducing variability in supplies and inventories. Review replenishment parameters and in particular safety stocks.

What are advantages of ABC log methodology ?

  • A quicker identification of quickwins ;
  • A agile and simple methodology for part number bill of material parameters ;
  • An easy methodology for sales and production process ;
  • An close integration of data analysis with shopfloor and supply chain flow management reviews.

A first inventory check-up which is perfectly suited to companies wishing to identify if there is optimization potential on their inventory and inprocess values management. Establishment of inventory summary with ABC logTM methodology. Identification of quick win actions. Valuation of impacts.

Inventory optimization and industrial performance review. An ideal diagnostic phase for companies seeking to optimize forecasts, safety stocks,
 and replenishment points.
Data analysis based on the economic quantity model.
Classification according to financial criteria
to prioritize updates.

This is the advanced phase of the solution for companies looking to optimize a multi-local supply chain holistically. Deployement of the data automation. On-the-job training with the supply team on procurement models. Remote support for Part Number’s parameter modification.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s crucial for manufacturers to optimize their inventory and production processes to stay competitive. One way to achieve this is by using inventory and manufacturing process optimization tools. These tools can help manufacturers identify and implement “quick wins” actions that can quickly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

By using these tools, manufacturers can better understand their production processes, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that can help them stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.


Service level improvements for a major aeronautical equipement manufacturer

> 98%

daily operationnal availability of our tools.

+ 30%

Service level improvements for a machining site in 3 months.

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